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warrant - 100 words

I'm reaching out to the other men in my life for the next few weeks for inspiration. Thanks to my little bro, Dave, for this week's word!

Why are you calling so early?

I need a ride. I didn’t have anyone else to call.

Where to? It’s 4 am.

County jail.

Jesus, Vickie, not again.

They served a warrant on him last night.

So you’re going to bail him out?

I’m supposed to just leave him there?

After last time-

Last time was an accident!

A gun “accidentally discharging” in your direction was not an accident.

Listen, the kids-

Aren’t even his!

He loves them. I love him.

As if that bullshit matters. Fine, I’ll be over. Give me fifteen.

Thanks, Kate.

Hmph. What are sisters for?

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