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thwart - 100 words

Thanks be to Kathy for her contribution to this week's story. Writing this brought back lots of memories of being in the spelling bee limelight... love you, Mom!

Madeline licked her lips three times, as she always did when she was nervous. She felt Dad’s eyes on her back. They’d practiced every day for five weeks, because without practice there is no glory. Dad's words.

“Madeline, your word is thwart,” said Mrs. Jameson, her face holding no trace of her familiar kindness.

“Thwart.” Feedback squealed from the microphone. “May I have it in a sentence?

Thwart, verb, prevent from accomplishing something.”

“T-H-W…” Dad cleared his throat. Mrs. Jameson’s finger hovered over the bell. Madeline licked her lips, unsure she could continue but not yet knowing how to stop.

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