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The "100 word" series from the beginning of this year gave me inspiration to work on a collection of essays that has now morphed into a mini-memoir, tentatively titled "Still Life with Boys: One-hundred 100-word Essays." It's still a work in progress, but it's shaping up nicely! Here's a sneak peak at one of them, chosen for the timely title, not necessarily the content. Hope everyone was able to give thanks for something this week!

At the hospital, a black night with the middle one, securing placement in a children’s psych facility. Almost eight, his behavior, unmanageable; our situation, untenable.

My husband relieves me. Home, to see the youngest off to kindergarten. Desperate to squeeze my baby briefly. My hugs, poison to the Middle.

I want a cold lunch, Baby demands.

No time, I explain. Bus is on its way. He persists, insists, loud, demanding.

I slap together a sandwich, grab some unwashed grapes. There, I grumble, shoving it all into his backpack. No thanks from the miniature ingrate, he skips to the bus triumphant.

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