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something - 100 words

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Syd and Gemma find out how far the bonds of sisterly affection can stretch in "Something to Help You Sleep," the third story in my forthcoming collection, everything anything something nothing. Here's the first 100 words - sweet dreams!

The more people who loved Syd, the rustier my own heart grew. I often wondered if it might flake to pieces inside my own chest. Funny then how I became the one to take care of her after our entire family was killed.

Syd's only fifteen months younger than me, so I don’t actually remember a time without her, as much as I’d like to. She lurks in the background of all my memories, wearying them with her constant presence. She was the girl that everybody adored. Mother, Father, Granny, Gramps. Dale too. Everyone loved Syd. Everyone, except for me.

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