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Another week gone, another 100-word essay from my forthcoming memoir-in-essays, Still Life with Boys. Praise be to my (sometimes) better half for being MY inspiration for this week's post... enjoy the sideshow!

Wheelchair-bound, hubby’s the source of much unsolicited inspiration, a rolling circus act.

Amazing! People exclaim. He lives his ordinary life like others, with modifications. We’ve all changed, shape-shifted to aid disability, difference. Nothing to see here. Still people gape, gawk at his unhindered attitude.

I need a husband, not an inspiration, I complain. You don’t deserve a medal for washing dishes.

Can’t control what others think, he says mildly.

If you were as magical as they believe, you could, I reply.

Too hard for me to shift, he accommodates my moods as best as he can, a medal-worthy, death-defying feat.

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