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shape - 100 words

Updated: May 1, 2021

Lord, is there anything more delightful than a third son? Mine has certainly added levity and humor to all of my days, whether he realizes it or not... Samuel Kirk, this one's for you!

Do shapes! he commands. He holds out the chalk imperiously, a miniature general. The chalkboard looms, its blank face waiting.

Do square! The shape of his body - blocky, firm.

Do triangle! The shape of his days - sleep, eat, play. He’s just two - there are no other points.

Do pentagon! I laugh. Where did he learn this? I draw, labeling the points with names, his five person family. No! he says, erasing.

I do it! He holds out his hand, a chubby star. My third son, who shapes all my days. I stand down, marveling at what he creates from nothing.

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