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Round Two!

It's finally here... book #2, more formally known as everything anything something nothing! I originally had planned to deliver it in Mid-February, and then early May, and then at the beginning of July. So here it is the first week of August, and I've finally released it into the wild. Go little book, be free! It's been a long gestation for sure, but totally worth it. Just like my children... hmmmm...

For those of you who enjoyed my first book, The Things I Used to Do, you'll notice some similarities, mostly in the writing style. These four stories are a bit weird, some off-kilter. Remind you of anyone you know?

As always, this book is available on Amazon - click here for purchase! If you don't do Amazon, drop me a line and I'll make arrangements to send you a copy. I can even autograph it if you so choose, or write some words of wisdom that I probably stole from someone smarter than me. So many choices!

Here's the book description to whet your appetite:

"What kind of a mother can’t keep her children fed, even when there’s nothing left behind to eat?"

A fishing trip where a terrible family secret is the catch of the day. A softball game where there are no winners, only losers. Sisters who use bedtime stories to conjure more than bad dreams. A mother whose solo camping excursion loosens a powerful memory of loss. The quartet of stories that comprise this unique collection, everything anything something nothing, from up-and-coming author Marie Smysor Watson, evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia and regret, delving into the horror of the everyday and the often tenuous nature of human connection. Because, in the end, isn't that what we're all looking for, even when it shows us its terrible teeth?

Your copy won't have the weird "Not for Resale" bar across it, I promise! Only I get the weird one...

I love that picture of my fifth grade self. "I contain multitudes" is one of the most apt lines ever written (thanks, W.W.)...

Let me know what you think by commenting below, or dropping me a line. As I've said before, writing is a lonely business, and it's hard for us to remember that we're connected to something besides a computer screen! Thanks as always for supporting the madness!

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