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puzzle - 100 words

Thanks to my great friend, Jill Maglio Ryan, for supplying this week's word. Jill's a writer too - you can check out her wonderful books here and here, and her wise and encouraging blog here... love to you and Meghann always, my friend!

The puzzle had lain unfinished for months, accusing Jess every time she opened that door. It was of monkeys, Melly’s favorite. A fine scrim of dust covered it, long undisturbed.

Between the doctors, infusions, and overly warm hospital rooms, on to a final field of white stones under scattered poplar trees, time had run out to finish it.

But today - today - Jess stepped inside the bedroom. Maybe it was the remembrance of her daughter’s long, lovely fingers sorting, searching, selecting, but Jess picked up a piece, just one. Blowing it off gently, she snapped it into its rightful place, home.

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