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pancakes - 100 words

Okay, so this one was a bit of a cheat, but when Jackson T. Watson, Esquire, gave me the word "pancakes" for this week, I knew I had to use the last paragraph of a brand-new story for this week's 100 words selection. "Everything is Ghosts" is the name of the longer piece this was excerpted from, and it will be published as part of a longer collection soon. But until then - Bon Appetit!

Pancakes is good, Gee-pa says, surveying the summer morning, the sun's glare echoing off the windshield. I nod, my mouth clamped shut so as not to give away my sorrow or my surprise. It’s exactly what I was thinking, about breakfast of all things, in the house of chaos loosely run by Mother. She isn’t any kind of a cook, not like Gee-ma is (no, was, was), but she can make one hell of a stack of pancakes when called on. Because what kind of a mother can’t keep her children fed, even when there’s nothing left behind to eat?

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