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How do you say you're a writer without saying you're a writer? I saw this notecard taped on my husband's (dearly departed) aunt's washing machine, and I took it. You know, for the words. It's now framed, in my own laundry room.

Do NOT overload - it can break it. Hastily written on a 4x6 notecard, a cautionary tale to her three teenagers regarding the washer, how a stuffed load can trigger an imbalance, sending the spinning drum into seizure-like meltdown. I know this to be true - I've done it myself. So have my own teens.

But also a warning for me, for my husband, for my own sons, and for YOU: Please be careful. Do not overfill yourself with anger, with hate, with lies, with grievance, with worry. Your heart, your mind, cannot bear the burden of that much weight. You cannot carry that kind of load. You, too, will break.

So thanks Aunt Megan, from all of us, for the words. I shall do my very best to heed your stolen advice, and if ever I need a reminder, it's staring me in the face - literally in black and white - every time I do laundry.

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