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On Air

Well, it's been a minute (or months - !?!) since we talked last. I'm not mad, I swear (well, I am, hence the title of this blog), just ridiculously busy. (Boy howdy, I hate when people use that as an excuse, but seriously, 'tis true! I'm wearing enough hats to fit a dozen heads right now.) But, I'm not TOO busy to let you know about a little interview I did with a Quad Cities legend a few weeks ago. I sat down for a cozy chat with the esteemed Don Wooten of WVIK radio for an episode of his weekly radio program, Scribble. He and I, along with Rebecca Wee, creative writing professor at Augustana College, discussed my fiction piece "Hush," which was included in the anthology These Interesting Times: Surviving 2020 in the Quad Cities, published by Midwest Writing Center Press. We also discuss what it means to be "mad," the origin of my maiden name, and why writing about yourself (without the filter of fiction) is the hardest way to put pen to paper. Let me tell you though, it ain't hard to fill up thirty minutes talking about writing - enjoy the madness, my friends!

Listen here:

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