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nothing - 100 words

Here it be - the last 100 word excerpt from the fourth short story, entitled "Nothing Ever Goes Back Quite Right," from my upcoming collection, everything anything something nothing. Here's my one sentence description: a mother's solo camping excursion loosens a long-buried memory of loss. If that sounds familiar, it's because I've already published the full story on this very website. It may seem out of place in a grouping of scary stories, but really - is there anything more terrifying than the banality of everyday life?!?

Jenna Dart was a displaced person. She never quite fit in – not in grade school with the girls who wore leg warmers that were scrunched just so, not in high school with the girls who wore their flannels and jeans ripped just so, not as a young mother who held their precious children just so. Not even now, among other women like her, women on the cusp of being not young anymore and not quite old, women who still managed to wear their hair and their faces just so.

She was tall and handsome. She had that at least.

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