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My Little Secret

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

So I'm a writer. Always have been, ever since I was six years old and realized it was a job that people get paid to do. I don't advertise it, mostly because - well, I don't know why. Truly. But I'm obviously looking to change that, hence this blog.

I have so many stories that haven't seen the light of day, which is a shame, because some of them are damn good. Some of them, not as good. I'm okay with both. I've also written two novels - as in real life honest to God, 300+ page books with plot and characters and dialogue - and am working on my third. Trying to find publishers for everything, which is a job in and of itself. I'm not easily discouraged though. Never have been, mostly because my writing is for me. I'm happy to share it, but in the end, it's mine. I'm never as personally satisfied as when I've spent a morning writing and there are actual words on a page, and they make sense, so I can point to them and say, There. That's mine. I did that. Nothing in my adult life gives me as much satisfaction (no, not even being a Mother or a Wife, because we all know that neither of those things is ever done - they are always to be continued...)

For this blog, I'm going post some new stuff, some old stuff. Sometimes, I might give a short description. Mostly I won't, but please notice the "short" in the previous sentence. You know when you Google a recipe, and there's a 10,000 word essay in front of it detailing the versatility of long-grain rice? Annoying. I'll try not to do that but if I do, feel free to let me know. I'm as long-winded as the next person sometimes.

So, in honor of May Day, and if you have some time (which y'all do right now), sit back and read for a bit. If you need me for something, send me a message. I'll get back to you, right after I'm done making lunch.

One more thing: Some of my stories have swearing, a bit or a lot, and some of them have sex, a bit or a lot. Some of them have references to God and religion. Some are full of magic. Many of them are just plain weird. If you're offended by any of these things, I suggest you read anyway. What doesn't kill us, you know?

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