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Lost Hours

Happy World Autism Awareness Day, Middle-man. One of these days, I hope the world finally catches up to you...

He makes things simple, although some things - events, places, even people - don’t happen when he’s along. Shopping’s iffy, movie theaters, too quiet. Church ends abruptly if he can’t remain still.

What we can do: walks, swimming, swinging. Camping if his mood’s good. Smelling flowers of any strain, listening to music of any genre, eating of any nationality. Lying in the grass together, faces to the sun, lying on the couch together, feet touching, lying in bed together, arms laced, delighted brown eyes locked.

Simple doesn’t always mean easy. Rarely does. But slowing down for Middle - it’s worth every lost hour.

One of his favorite pasttimes - listening to his brother sax it up!

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