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Little Brothers

An ode to brothers... thanks for the sweet parts and the sour. Enjoy me dipping my toes into the wide, wild world of poetry - and this one wasn't even for a grade!

One of my sons - the middle one - has peed on my bed.

On my side, not his father’s, naturally.

But instead of being upset,

Excuse me, pissed,

I laugh.

The sleeve of my yellow sweatshirt is wet but

Oh, I don’t mind.

He is happy, giggling deep-throated,

instead of the blooming frustration he has been growing

Since we moved this bed four months ago

The rage of his pent up special needs

Euphemistically called behaviors

have been tidal-waving every beach we’ve tried to soak up the sun on

Washing away our blankets and towels, our collapsible chairs.

But look!

after stripping off the wet sheet and the mattress protector we are

Back on the bed, laughing again, eating Greek yogurt like satyrs

Calling to my youngest son, Boy, bring us another! and him



As little brothers are not often wont to do.

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