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light - 100 words

For April, a 100 word essay every Friday, sparked by a word of my choosing...

Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day. My middle son, Griffin , is fifteen and has non-verbal autism. I'm fairly private regarding him, because I unequivocally believe that he deserves a life of his own, just as anyone does. I'm his #1 advocate and champion, but his story belongs to him. So this essay, and the ones in the weeks following, are more about me than the men I love, I suppose. Because who else knows what goes on in this mad mind better than me?

Light it up, I’m told. With what, I wonder? Laughter and grace on good days. A match on bad ones. Blessed thing I don’t play with fire. But.

Light it up blue, I’m told. But blue is a terrible descriptor. Sometimes, yes, I’m blue, but never over you. Your long face, Roman nose, a carbon copy of your uncle. If genetics are a mystery, you are an enigma. I love you because, not despite.

Light it up. Damn. I never do what I’m told. But, oh my boy, if only for a spark, I’d set it all ablaze for you.

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