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I Done Wrote A Book, People!

Only a week late, and a few brain cells short, here it be!

You can buy your paperback or Kindle copy here!

The more you buy, the better your chances are at winning. Hey, if it works for the lottery, it works for this too, right? Seriously, I appreciate the support and the feedback I've gotten over these past few months. No one creates art in a vacuum (because mostly, vacuums are gross and dark and full of pet hair), so I owe this book to many people, but mostly to my readers. So please buy and read and enjoy and ponder and, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon when you've got a minute.

I'll leave you with this fantastic, if abbreviated, text review from my mom, Kathy:

"You've done Fulton County proud, sis."

High praise, indeed, from the fearsome Mrs. Smysor! Thanks, too, to all of you for being a part of the madness. Cheers!

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