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(No, not that kind of housekeeping. Please. Gag me with a spoon).

Just wanted to pop in here with a quick shout-out to all of you who have purchased a copy of my latest, everything anything something nothing. Y'all are rad (okay, I'm done with the eighties references). Seriously,thanks for your continued support. If you haven't gotten your copy and desperately feel left out, you can click HERE to remedy that. If you want a signed copy, drop me a line in the comments section or via the email below, and I'll get you the sweet hook-ups (that one's from the early 2000's, so I get a pass on it right?)...

In other news, I recently got word that my writing will also be featured in a brand spankin' new collection! It's been compiled by my friends at the Midwest Writing Center and is called These Interesting Times: Surviving 2020 in the Quad Cities. It's available for pre-order HERE. A few words about the collection, as stolen, er, borrowed from their website:

With humor, precision, and ruthless clarity, the artists in this collection present a stunning mosaic of the ruptures, beauties, gifts, and costs of this utterly unprecedented year. Each piece is a glimpse into what was happening inside our personal pockets of isolation and virtual realities. Each piece is a celebration. Join us in relishing our resilience and savoring our lessons as we reflect on what the year brought and took. Whatever else you can say about 2020, it was a very interesting time.

Tune in next Friday for a brand new story from yours truly, aka another way for both you AND me to avoid doing our own housekeeping!

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