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Compass Rose

Listen - I've got a bad case of the feels. Apparently it's not just a mom-thing, because the Dad's got it too. Lotsa changes in Casa Watson, all very good and necessary, but oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! - there are moments when I've been mightily wishing myself back to this moment in time. But like Stevie says: Time makes you bolder, even children get older and Kirk's getting older too... Anyway, it is truly like a landslide - an all of the sudden kind of thing, this growing up business - so enjoy every last bit of the madness, my friends!

Youngest got his license today, driving

Middle turned eighteen last month, thriving

Oldest is moving out a month hence, northbound

And me, homebound

I must close this dog-eared book, stand, and

Crack my spine

Stretch beyond physical limits

A human rubberband

Like that cartoon I watched when I was a sisterless girl

Fixed, stationary on the orange shag carpet

Ages before my calcifying bones were forced to soften

Liquify in stages, spreading evenly

to encompass every direction

even ones that must remain unmapped

My blonde babies circa 2008...

(your guess is as good as mine as to why they were all looking down!)

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