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chutzpah - 100 words

I was fully prepared to get the word "coffee" for this week, but old friends often surprise you. Thanks to Elizabeth, proprietress of Country Morning Coffee, for this week's word!

You’re bossssy, the girl hissed through the bathroom stall.

My granny says I’ve got chutzpah, said Hannah.

Hootz-pah? she hooted. Sounds like something you get from boys. What does it mean?

But Hannah didn’t know the answer. Silly? Loud? Redheaded? She fingered her braid. All of these were true.

New Girl’s got the hootz-pah! the One outside sang loudly, off-key, as she exited the bathroom.

Hannah sighed, flushed the unused toilet. Another year, another school. It was so hard making friends.

Then she thought of her bent granny. She squared her shoulders. It would be easier when she was older.

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