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Book 'em!

Headed out of town today (a common refrain in my life!) so just popping in for a minute to remind y'all that my second book, everything anything something nothing, is ready and available on Amazon! Two scary-ish stories and two thoughtful ones - how's that for balance? Here's what a reader had to say:

Another fabulous book by this new and upcoming author. It was a well written group of stories - sure to entertain everyone. A great read! You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks, Jill, for the positive comment! So if you'd like a signed copy, hit me up through Facebook, comment here, or send an email. Just don't call me - the cell reception's iffy where I'm going (another common refrain!) If you've already read it, PUH-LEEZE write a review on Amazon. It helps put the book in front of other readers - you know, people just like YOU!

Now - on to the family reunion in Indiana! How's that for a scary-ish story?!?

(seriously, I'm reminded constantly that everything IS ghosts - make sure to enjoy yourself when you can cuz ain't none of this guaranteed, my friends...)

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