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anything - 100 words

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Wendy learns that a game is never "just a game"... here's the first 100 words of the next story in the series, "Anything is Possible (if You Keep Your Eye on the Ball)," from my upcoming collection, everything anything something nothing. Happy, happy Friday!

Rollie stuck me out in right field, where he stuck all the girls who he didn’t think could play worth an armpit fart, but I acted like I didn’t care, acted eager to play so that maybe I’d get a better position next time, or next season, or maybe the season after. If only the damn sun would stay out of my eyes.

Right field is where you put those girls who have no talent for the sport. My older brother, Deke, sneered at the size and heft of the ball, calling me blind and weak every time I whiffed.

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