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Acting Like Myself

Just a quick pop-in to update y'all on a recent sojourn I had with a most lovely group of ladies. A few weeks ago, I was invited to be the guest author at the Down Yonder Book Club (not their real name - I'm protecting the innocent here). Our gracious host, Jo (or Aunt Joey, for those in the know), was kind enough to include me in a delightful evening of food, books, lady-talk, and drinks. It was a hoot, and a thrill for this writer to hear feedback about her very own words. (I've said it before - It's a lonesome pursuit, this writing bizness, and it's so gratifying to hear how something you wrote has provided someone else a bit of enjoyment). And I didn't have TOO much to drink - my mother would be so proud - so I think I may be invited back again, even if I didn't heed my husband's perennial advice: Whatever you do, don't act like yourself, Marie.

As always, my books can be purchased by calling the Bishop Hill Colony Store at 309-927-3596 (Ronda will hook you up!) or by ordering from Wordsmith Bookshoppe, Galesburg's very own independent bookstore (yes, Virginia, they do exist!). To add to the excitement, my latest novel, Our Own Precious Places, is scheduled for release in June - pretty thrilling stuff for a girl who spends most of her time talking to herself! As my mom says, it's the only intelligent conversation I get around here (see where I get it from?!?)...

Proof that talking books is FUN - I'll have what they're having!

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