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Happy World Autism Awareness Day - aka Tuesday. It's been a hot minute, folks... grad school, new job, writing, and momming - it's hard out here for an ole girl! Not really, it's all good, just life in the middle place. I'm still working on my own writing, plus some professional schtuff for graduate school, plus some paid copyediting - it all equals a whole bunch-o-words. So I'll keep this one short and sweet - it's another of my famous(?!) 100-word essays, from my yet-as-unpublished memoir-in-essays Still Life with Boys. Happy reading, friends...this one (and this one and this one and this one) is for you, Finn-man...

Fictitious matchmaking profile for Middle:

Strong, silent, sinewy type. Often brooding, always mysterious. Lanky build, free-jointed.  Dark brown eyes. Blonde, close-cropped hair. Lantern jaw. Tall. BIG hands. Willing to show, not tell, for the right person.

Enjoys simple things: walks - but not too far - swinging, eating food from all over the globe.  Not big on conversation - would rather look into your eyes. Like most music, my kind of dancing - loose, uninhibited. Wicked sense of humor. Laughing’s free, good for the soul, so why not be happy?

Easy, free-spirited. Some might say lazy - but what do they know about enigmas anyway?

(I forgot to add that I also like short walks on the beach, accompanied by long stretches of laying in the sand...)

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